Discovery Insure offers a comprehensive product suite suitable for all client needs. The Essential Plan is
particularly suitable for price sensitive clients who still require comprehensive cover and is appropriate
for this time when clients may struggle to meet their premium commitments. In addition, clients may
be driving less which would impact their rewards. We have therefore been very responsive to the needs
of our clients by offering them enhancements to their Vitality Drive rewards to make sure that they are
rewarded during the lockdown.


All Discovery Insure clients who incept their policies enjoy the following:

• All drivers will be awarded a default 400 Vitality Drive points for their driving behaviour as they
cannot install a telematics device.

• We will reward new clients as if they have completed their Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual
MultiPoint check – their fuel cash back percentage will reflect this during the lockdown and they
will be awarded the 150 vehicle safety Vitality Drive points.

• We will not consider a client’s fuel spend to calculate their fuel cash back and it will only be
based on the Vitality Drive points and fuel cash back percentage

• As a result of the above, a new client is guaranteed 550 Vitality Drive points for their first
month, with the opportunity to earn an additional 350 Vitality Drive points for improving their
driving knowledge and awareness online.

• Therefore, clients can earn up to 50% x Vitality Drive points = 50% x 550 = R275 guaranteed
fuel cash back in their first month.